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Created on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 2:35 AM
//@version=3 study(shorttitle="Best Buy and Sell", title="Best_Buy and Sell", overlay=true) // === INPUTS === // Bollinger Bands Inputs bb_use_ema = input(false, title="Use EMA for Bollinger Band") bb_length = input(42, minval=1, title="Bollinger Length") bb_source = input(close, title="Bollinger Source") bb_mult = input(2.0, title="Base Multiplier", minval=0.5, maxval=10) // EMA inputs fast_ma_len = input(10, title="Fast EMA length", minval=2) // Awesome Inputs nLengthSlow = input(77, minval=1, title="Awesome Length Slow") nLengthFast = input(10, minval=1, title="Awesome Length Fast") // === /INPUTS === // Breakout Indicator Inputs bb_basis = bb_use_ema ? ema(bb_source, bb_length) : sma(bb_source, bb_length) fast_ma = ema(bb_source, fast_ma_len) // Deviation // * I'm sure there's a way I could write some of this cleaner, but meh. dev = stdev(bb_source, bb_length) bb_dev_inner = bb_mult * dev // Upper bands inner_high = bb_basis + bb_dev_inner // Lower Bands inner_low = bb_basis - bb_dev_inner // Calculate Awesome Oscillator xSMA1_hl2 = sma(hl2, nLengthFast) xSMA2_hl2 = sma(hl2, nLengthSlow) xSMA1_SMA2 = xSMA1_hl2 - xSMA2_hl2 // Calculate direction of AO AO = xSMA1_SMA2>=0? xSMA1_SMA2 > xSMA1_SMA2[1] ? 1 : 2 : xSMA1_SMA2 > xSMA1_SMA2[1] ? -1 : -2 // Deternine if we are currently LONG isLong = false isLong := nz(isLong[1], false) // Determine if we are currently SHORT isShort = false isShort := nz(isShort[1], false) // Buy only if the buy signal is triggered and we are not already long LONG = not isLong and (crossover(fast_ma, bb_basis) and close > bb_basis and abs(AO)==1) c_green = (fast_ma > bb_basis) // Sell only if the sell signal is triggered and we are not already short SHORT= not isShort and (crossunder(fast_ma, bb_basis) and close < bb_basis and abs(AO)==2) c_red = (fast_ma < bb_basis) if (LONG) isLong := true isShort := false barcolor(LONG? green: na) if (SHORT) isLong := false isShort := true barcolor(c_green ? green : na) barcolor(c_red ? red : na) // Show Break Alerts plotshape(SHORT, title="Sell", style=shape.labeldown, location=location.abovebar, size=size.normal, text="Sell", transp=0, textcolor = white, color=red, transp=0) plotshape(LONG, title="Buy", style=shape.labelup, location=location.belowbar, size=size.normal, text="Buy", textcolor = white, color=green, transp=0) // === /PLOTTING === // Send alert to TV alarm sub-system alertcondition(LONG,title="Buy",message="Buy") alertcondition(LONG,title="Buy",message="Buy") alertcondition(LONG,title="Buy",message="Buy") alertcondition(SHORT,title="Sell",message="Sell") // eof
This indicator can be used as a signal provider for the Foxzard Trader Expert Advisor.

Buy Conditions

Sell Conditions

Condition 1

Stochastic Signal
%K:5 %D:3 Slowing:3 MA Method:Simple Price Field:Low/High

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